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Germany 1-0 Argentina (AET): Gotze clinches World Cup glory

Mario Gotze's 113th-minute volley laid-off Germany to World Cup glory with a 1-0 persuade Argentina at the Maracana.

The tournament's outstanding team did not repeat the fluency and brilliance of their 7-1 semi-final romp against Brazil, however violinist Low's team found a new luxurious moment throughout the last half of extra time.

Bayern Munich playmaker Gotze, on as Associate in Nursing 88th-minute replacement for tourney record goalscorer Miroslav Klose, chested down André Schurrle's floated left cross at the close to post to beautifully steer home from six yards.

It was the primary time Argentina had found themselves behind within the competition and it came as a bitter pill to swallow when Alejandro Sabella's men had created the higher possibilities in traditional time.

Gonzalo Higuain passed up a wonderful chance midway although the primary 1st half and the Argentina striker also had a first-half effort properly dominated out for offside .


The pleated midi skirt… Well what can I say? The pleated skirt has been seen all over this season! From pastels, as seen in Proenza Schouler's ss14 runway , to heavy metallics, as seen in Lanvin's ss14 collection , the midi skirt was experimented on...

World's First Electronic Nose For Food Safety

If you're like me, you are concerned about the safety of the food you buy from the market or the food you are about to eat from your own home. People are prone to food poisoning simply because food may not be fresh and sometimes you just can't tell. I remember when I was drinking almond milk and it tasted a bit sour. I didn't think of it as anything because the expiration was much later. After a few servings I came to realize that it was sour and was bad even though it didn't pass the expiration date.

To ensure that your food is healthy and that you only consume the best quality, PERES product is the perfect way to make that happen. This cool gadget can be used on food products that's been bought to make sure they are still safe to consume which reduces food waste and food borne ilnesses.

To put it simply, this PERES Product is the world's first portable "electronic nose" which is able to determine the quality of your food that you are about to consum…

White on White

Okay so if you've noticed the background is pretty different from the usual and that is because I found this wonderful new spot! It's in Omotesando area and at the very top floor of a shopping center called Tokyu Plaza. It looked so chic and trendy...

GPS Advice Tips & Tricks

Get the most from your TomTom, Garmin, Magellan, or other GPS device by learning how to speed satellite lock, send maps from your PC, create POIs, and more from our GPS expert.
With global positioning system (GPS) devices more popular and affordable than ever, here are some of the best ways to get more from your personal navigator. What follows are 10 tips and tricks, along with some bonus pointers for owners of the two most popular brands, Garmin and TomTom. 1 Speed Up Satellite Lock
When you turn on your GPS for the first time, it downloads almanac information from GPS satellites. No, this isn't the Farmer's Almanac, though it does have to do with the position of objects in the sky. In this case, your unit is receiving data about where GPS satellites are located from your current location. Having this information on your unit will speed satellite lock, also known as time-to-first-fix (TTFF). To download this information efficiently, leave your GPS powered on and under an ope…

5 Simple Road Trip Hacks to Make any Journey Better

It's almost travel time. The car is packed, I'm catching up on sleep and making the final preparations for my cross country journey. But, you know me, I just can't resist the urge to hack and or DIY things so for today's issue of the Summer Travel Series...