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Weight Loss: How Liposuction Helps In

With so many programs out there today promising to be the ultimate solution to weight loss, it can get pretty confusing for many people. Liposuction is the one fat reduction strategy that actually does instantly remove unwanted body fat that is NOT a weight loss solution.

While it is not a weight loss strategy, the lines are blurred when people want to lose weight to look good. So there is some lee-way where liposuction can be used to assist the person as part of their weight loss plan.

Lose More Weight

Liposuction is great when used to target specific areas that are hard to trim down using traditional weight loss techniques. Some parts of the body, such as the love-handles, can be annoyingly resistant. With the help of a surgical procedure it is possible to take off the final 4 to 8 pounds of unwanted fat from areas of the body of your choosing. For the person who needs to lose fat in a particular area, this could make your body look more desirable.

Clothes Fit Better

In body contouring, …

Enable Write Protection of USB Devices

You have probably seen the following scenario in multiple thriller and spy movies. A spy connects an USB stick to a computer to copy data from the computer to the device. Movies do not necessarily reflect reality but there is some truth to this scenario after all. It is indeed possible to connect an USB device to a computer running Windows to copy data from that computer to the removable storage device.

It is sometimes in the best interest of companies, organizations and individuals to protect the data on their computer from being copied this way.

Microsoft has added options to the Windows operating system (more precisely to Windows XP and newer operating systems) to write protect all USB devices that are connected to it. This indicates that it may not always be possible to protect the computer this way for instance if data needs to be written to USB devices regularly.

Write Protection adds another layer of defense to the computer. The system is not fool proof on its own, as it is still …

Artificial Red Blood Successfully Experimented on a Human

Luc Douay, a researcher at the Pierre and Marie Curie University in Paris was successful in creating artificial red blood cells in a lab. The researchers were also able to inject it into a human and the results were positive without any side-effects.
A healthy volunteer was first selected for the program, and his hematopoietic stem cells were extracted from his bone marrow. Some of the basic growth factors that are required for the growth of a red blood cell were also mixed with this sample. Luc’s team labelled these cultured cells for tracing, and injected 10 billion of them (approximately equal to two millilitres of blood), back into the same donor’s body.
They found out that almost the whole percentage of blood cells remained circulating in the body for the first five days. Like in the case of naturally produced red blood cells, about (45-65)% of the blood cells remained in the body after 26 days of experimentation. As no serious conditions were registered for a month after the exper…

How Corporate Intranet Systems Enhance Communication

Corporate Intranet Systems make it easy to communicate in an organization and this is due to the fact that the top capabilities of networking are harnessed within an office. Different kinds of network such as LAN and virtual networks are used in one way or another. Therefore, it is easy to talk to fellow team members from any location of a company. In some cases, it is allowed to work from the comfort of home because the inherent mechanisms are reliable.

If the right connections have been properly instituted, speedy communication of information will be the order of the day. It can take a matter of split seconds for a message to move from one point to another. With functionality like chat, a person can talk to another individual without any time lags. Email is also supported.

Applications like email can only be used if there is a web browser. In this case, the browser is customized to the needs of an organization therefore some level of training is required. Because the web based platfor…

Five Reasons to Reserve a Taxi

When you need to get somewhere and you don't have a car to drive, your best option is often a DFW taxi ride. Most people use taxi services to get to and from the airport, and for getting around an area when they are on a vacation or business trip. Usually, one just pulls out their phone and calls for a cab when they need it, or now you can also sometimes use text messaging or an app to hail a cab to your location, but most services also take reservations. There are several reasons why you might want to reserve a cab ahead of time.
Tight Schedule
If you have a strict time deadline you're trying to meet, reserve a cab ahead of time. If you're on a business trip it is important to make positive impressions by arriving to meetings and events on time. When you reserve a cab, you know that it will be there when you need it. When you wait to call a cab until you actually need it, it's possible that you'll have to wait until a cab becomes available, and this can make you lat…