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Two relays are normally used for switching the emergency light but this Circuit does not use any relay or transformer. Switching action is performed in this circuit by two transistors Tl and T2 which are used here as electronic relays, Capacitor Cl has been used as a series dropper and the diode Dl rectifier this supply. Capacitor C2 filters there rectified voltages and the zener Diode D3 keeps the supply stable at 7.5 volts, Transistor Tl is of PNP type and it does notcon­duct when positive supply is present at its base. Transistor T2 does not work when T1 is non-conducting. In this way both of these transistors remain non-conducting when the mains AC Line is present. In this stage the battery is kept charging through the diode D2. When the AC supply fails then negative supply of the battery reaches the base of the transistor Tl through the resistance R3(1K) and this transistor switches ON. Transistor T2 also starts conducting and the bulb connected to its collector lights up. Now, …

If You Lose Your Mobile

If you lose your mobile?? Just do the following:-

This is how it works!!!!!!

1.  Dial *#06# from your mobile.

2. Your mobile shows a unique 15 digit.

3.  Note down this no anywhere but except your mobile as this is the no which will help trace your mobile in case of a theft.

4.  Once stolen you just have to mail this 15 digit IMEI no. to

5.  No need to go to police.

6. Your Mobile will be traced within next 24 hrs via a complex system of GPRS and internet.

7. You will find where your hand set is being operated even in case your no is being changed.


If you lost your mobile, send an e-mail to with the following info

Your name:


Phone model:


Last used No.:

E-mail for communication:

Missed date:


Keep all these information stored for emergency use.

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Automatic Porch Light Controlling Circuit

This circuit can be used to automatically control the light of your porch or the terrace. The light switches on as soon as it gets dark and after everyone in the house goes to bed then the light switches off by itself.

The circuit is designed by tow LDR controlled switches and a relay circuit driven by a single gate. LDR-1 senses the sunlight outside of the house while LDR-2 is used to sense the light inside the house. Both the transistors Tl and T2 conduct only when both the LDRs remain in light. At this stage the collector voltages of the two transistors remains low but when both the LDRs are in the dark then Tl and T2 remain cut off and their collectors are in the high state. Output from the two collectors is the input to the X-OR Gate. When any one transistor is in cut off state while the other one is conducting then the input to the X-OR gate. When any one transistor is in cut off state while the other one is conducting then the input to the X-OR gate is 1, 0 or reverse of it. Out…

9 Steps to Protect your MS Windows System from Viruses

Nowadays as the Internet and other networks are greatly developed computer viruses are distributed rapidly and intensively. Everyday several new viruses capable to damage considerably your computer system arise. Anti-virus specialists work hardly to make updates their software against new viruses as soon as possible. The viruses can get inside computer in different ways. That is why there is no simple method to protect system. Only series of measures can give you reliable protection from the infection. Below are 9 steps to protect MS Windows based PC system from viruses. 

1. Make regular backups.
It should be said that there is no absolutely safe way of protection. Virus creators regularly find holes in new computer products to use them for infection of computer systems. Some dangerous viruses can considerably damage data files or even erase entire file system. Make regular backups of your data files to separate file storage device. It can be separate hard drive, flash card, compact dis…

Tube Light Without Starter and Choke Coil

The Choke coil of a tube light performs two functions. First it provides high voltage with the help of the starter. This lights up the type light and the gas inside it is ionized. After ionization of gas the starter gets separated from the circuit and the voltage across the choke coil drop. At this stage, about 60 to 70V are required to maintain the ionization of the gas. A tube light can be used even without the choke and the starter also. In principle a high starting voltage and a low operating voltage is required.

The circuit given here performs just this function. The circuit performs well within the supply range of 70V to 270V. The heart of the circuit is the bridge rectifier circuit built by the diodes Dl to D4 and the two capacitors Cl and C2 connected to it. When all these components are put together as shown in the diagram and then AC Supply is received by the circuit because of the 100W/230V bulb connected in series, This supply rises with the charging of the capacitors Cl a…

5 Minute Guide to Video Editing for Beginners

Getting started with video editing is very simple you only need a few items and you can be producing quality movies at home that you will be able to enjoy for many years to come. Maybe even produce a hit Hollywood movie. The basic items you need are a video capture card, the software to edit, your computer, storage space on your computer and a camcorder, VCR, or you can display your movie on your computer screen. The process is effortless, all you do is capture the video to you computer using a capture card, then edit your video with video editing software and then download the video that you edited to either tape or burn it to a VCD, CD, or DVD. Let’s look at your computer first. You will need a minimum of a Pentium II 300 or faster, a minimum of 256 Megs of RAM, but you will get better performance with 512 Megs. You will also desire to have a 30GB drive that is split into 2 separate partitions. This means that you will have a C: and a D:. The C: should be given 10GB and will have al…

8 Ways To Build Your Child's Self Esteem

Here's one of the best  positive thoughts or parenting advice you'll ever find: "A confident child is more likely to be a success in life, more likely to be liked in life, and more likely to be happy in life".

Here are 8 positive thoughts or  parenting advice to build up self esteem of your confident child:

1 - Always support your child for the things he/she does right. Even if they are little things, make them important and let him know that he did well to grow up self esteem and to build up confident child.

2 - Let your child do things. Even if he is not quite ready to do certain tasks, help her make a start and don't worry if it doesn't turn out right to build up self esteem of your child.

3 - Believe in your child and let him know it! Don't pressurize him to be something he can't be. Just let him know that you believe (positive thoughts) in his ability to (occasionally) do great things.

4 - Only criticise a behaviour - not the child. Always avoid too m…